Seth thomas mantle clock instructions

1828 paper label at no reserve winning bid will receive this vintage seth thomas document mantle / shelf clock

By the 1840s wooden gears are phased out as cheaper stamped-brass parts become standard

15 Oct 2017 This should also be described in your clock's setup instructions

Mantel clocks were made with brass and wood movements, and most ran for 30 days

This key will not fit Seth Thomas clocks with German movements or Seth Thomas clocks that have #89 stamped into the back plate of the movement

Move the minute hand clockwise to the next quarter hour, and pause to let the chimes sound, making sure it matches up

Antique Seth Thomas clocks—particularly wall clocks and mantel clocks—are treasured by clock collectors and antiques lovers who value craft and sophistication

One turn of the nut will regulate time keeping approximately two minutes a day

It was incorporated as the "Seth Thomas Clock Company" in 1853

And also shows how the spring portion of the pendulum is captured by the regulator  12 Apr 2017 Seth Thomas mantel clocks, originally displayed on fireplace mantels, are shelf- top timepieces

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The Seth Thomas Clock Company was organized as a joint stock corporation on May 3, 1853 to succeed the earlier clock making operation of the founder

how to synchronize the striking on a seth thomas tambour mantel clock from the 1920′s


5 Wall Clock Guide to Selecting Seth Thomas Shelf Mantel Clocks Pre-1930 The Seth Thomas Clock Company manufactured compact wooden clocks that kept good time and could easily fit on a shelf or a fireplace mantel

The Seth Thomas company is closed and is no longer in operations and no parts or specific information is available to us to share

I’d really appreciate some input from you guys on my Vintage Seth Thomas #124 Shelf Mantel Clock I bought over the net unaware it was not running well

Famous American clockmaker Seth Thomas began his career as an apprentice to renowned clockmaker Eli Terry in 1807, but by 1810, he had Antique Seth Thomas Red Adamantine Mantel Clock: T&S with a signed paper dial, signed movement, the pendulum and bell and gong strike

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In … Seth Thomas splits from partner Silas Hoadley in 1813 and sets up his own shop, and a few years later Eli Terry pays his former employee to produce a new style of shelf clock, called a "mantle"

These clocks were all the rage from 1880 to 1930, and this particular one has heaps of vintage charm

To correct a Spring Driven Clocks mantle or wall clock that is bonging the hour when the minute hand gets to 6 o'clock instead of 12 o'clock, just count the bongs, take off the minute hand and reinstall it on the clock pointing to 12 o'clock, then turn the hour hand to the hour you heard the clock bong and its done

3 clock plans - build one of three styles of a mantel clock, Clock plans - build one of these 3 styles of mantel clocks which can be easily made in oak, or other Vintage mid-1970's edition of the classic "Helmsman" by Seth Thomas

) I What happened to my old Hermle clock movement and why should I buy the new one? The simple answer is TIME

He was apprenticed as a carpenter and joiner, and worked building houses and barns

Mantel Clock Bob - Seth Thomas 1-1/2" Description: Cast 1-1/2" diameter x 2

Navy Seth Thomas Boat Clock with Chelsea Key Nice Runs Great

) The case on this clock is 20 1/2 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches tall

We have 38,769 antique clock prices, images and descriptions as of June 5, 2020

Thomas invented and patented this unusual all-wood, wall-clock kit

Before attempting to synchronize the strike mechanism, make sure the clock is wound (see instructions above)

The Seth Thomas Clock Company was organized as a joint stock corporation on May 3, 1853 to succeed the earlier clockmaking operation of the founder

SETH THOMAS METAL CLOCK (BATTERY MOVEMENT) 1900 Seth Thomas Mantle Clock Plymouth Hollow CT

Price Guide Clocks > Antique Seth Thomas Clocks The name Seth Thomas is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, as a result of the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813

It has been nearly forty-five years since this unique clock has been offered to the public

The date range for when this clock was made is given is based on the stamp on the movement and the label

Item #: 32123 Dec 17, 2018 · How to Identify a Vintage Thomas Mantel Pendulum Clock

Ensure that the small digital clock is displaying the correct local time

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The actual measurement from left to right is 18 inches; however, the trim accounts for 2 inches around the base of the clock, so as a result the clock looks very balanced at 16 inches wide

Pocket Full of Time 286,693 views American Antique Clock Instructions These instructions apply to keywind pendulum clocks that are time only, or that have hour strike, or hour and half-hour strike

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how to oil a clock's movement The first step in oiling or servicing your Grandfather clock is to make sure you use latex gloves when handling any brass or metal parts

Seth Thomas Table Clock 95076850M Seth Thomas World time multi-function clock is made out of metal and rubber

The name Seth Thomas is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, as a result of the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813

make offer - vintage ~ seth thomas ~ chiming mantle / shelf clock ~ working condition Seth Thomas "Tory" Mantel Clock, Hard To Find Model, Running And Striking $625

This Rebuild Service Is For The Seth Thomas 124 Westminster Chime Clock Please follow the packing instructions to ensure that your clock movement arrives   10 Jul 2010 Seth Thomas manual wind clock, two springs - winders? , chimes on the I bought my ex one of the seth thomas mantle clocks

27 Jul 2012 Antique and collectible mantle clocks and the care of antique mantle clocks

Yet many collectors feel it is their Adamantine mantle clocks, generally referred to as Black Mantle Clocks, that are their most memorable and highly desired mantle clocks

Thanks, Stan Seth Thomas 801 Mantel Clock Walnut: Company: Seth Thomas: 801: Example Date: June 1889: Walnut case with with ash beryl veneers

Vintage Seth Thomas Helmsman Ships Wheel Bell Clock Wood Base, with Key Seth Thomas 400 Day Mantle Clock with Instructions and Key Brass and Glass U

Keywords:Deck / Empire / Gallery / Mantle / Seth Thomas / Shelf

The clock features a gold tone frame with rotating four ball pendulum, a white clock face with black Roman numerals and a battery operated movement

Below is a description of the many steps involved in the restoration of an antique American clock movement

It doesn't have pillars and is shaped like a "house"

5 Wall Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Seth Thomas Office No

If the pendulum swings too quickly or too slowly, adjust its pace from the front by either turning the key to the right for a faster pace or to May 01, 2009 · How to synchronize the striking on a Seth Thomas tambour mantel clock from the 1920's

Since many clock collectors in the United States prefer American clocks over foreign clocks, every collector should consider having a Seth Thomas clock with an 89 series mechanism in his collection

Nov 15, 2017 · NOTE: I’ve edited this answer for corrections and greater accuracy

The Hermle Floating Balance – Adjusting the Beat & Increasing the Speed 1 1 The following is a diagram of the Hermle mechanism w0340

It has "active" half-hour striking, in which May 04, 2017 · How do you wind a mechanical clock? The advice provided and some suggestions, if followed, should give you the skill and confidence to correctly wind your antique or vintage mechanical clock

Shelf: Time; Strike: Clock: Spring: Seth Thomas Sussex Adamantine Mantel Clock Black And Green Back Escapement: Company: Seth Thomas: Sussex; Adamantine: Approximate Date: ca Seth Thomas has been a leading producer of quality grandfather, mantle, wall and tower clocks since 1813

At “6”, stop and let the clock strike; if it does not Seth Thomas, Federal Mantel Clock mid 19th century, mahogany case, painted wood face, hinged door with clipper ships, interior with paper label, weights, pendulum and clock key

I would also lik Chiming mantel clock, with a quartz movement, are powered by a battery, thus making them very accurate and convenient

Aug 03, 2012 · I repaired this Seth Thomas tambour chiming mantel clock

Once upon a time, they had the Warwickshire, the New England and the Burnes clocks, but these beautiful pieces have all been sold

99 Cathedral Style Mantel Pickup Instructions: in: Description : Vintage Seth Thomas Westminister Chime Mantle Clock - 20

95076850M more New Warranty Info; Bluetooth; Strike & Chime Wall & Mantel ; Tabletop; Decorative Wall; Alarm; Service Seth Thomas 8 Day Quarter Hour Strike Movement Clock Vintage; This Wood Case Seth Thomas Shelf/Mantel Clock is No

Apr 26, 2017 · Locate the time zone-setting buttons near the small digital clock display on the back of your Seth Thomas autoset clock

At first, most Adamantine clocks used a modified shelf clock movement (called the "hip" movement because of its shape) with the escapement outside the back plate

The Adamantine clocks were made as a much less May 10, 2020 · ANTIQUE LARGE SETH THOMAS MANTEL CLOCK

Setup — Pendulum Mantel Clock: Place  Vintage seth thomas legacy v wood mantle shelf clock with key and manual

It is the famous Seth Thomas Mantel clock of the carriage clock styling

Mantel Clock  These instructions apply to many spring-driven quarter-hour chiming clocks

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Seven-day clocks must be wound every 7 days, and 8-day clocks must be wound every 8 days

As the movement runs, the pressure from the spring turns the first gear in one direction, that gear turns the next gear in the opposite direction, and so on

ridgeway quartz mantle clock for parts or repair case is in great condition Hamilton, Ridgeway, Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Clock Winding 3 14 tip clock oil in  Seth Thomas Clocks

Both have lively hour and half hour strike on two chime rods

The seller is “rsw5912″ and is located in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

I’ve seen many examples on earlier clocks where the date code has all 4 digits of the year, but this is the first time I’ve seen just 2 digits

Seth Thomas (1785-1859) had been manufacturing clocks at the site since 1814

This is a used cuckoo clock movement or motor parts - is it all there I do not know - some of the parts look bent - I see no broken parts - it seems to move on its own when held up - there is a marking on one of the legs 4½ - I tried to take 20th Century Seth Thomas mantle clock

Traditionally, Seth Thomas clocks are set from the front by using the key that originally came with the clock

We have expanded over the years to more retail stores and a separate repair center that accepts clocks from all over the world

This little cottage clock is a nice example of the clocks Seth Thomas was making in the mid 19th century

124 spring-powered 8-day Westminster chime movement with a short pendulum

Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut (After 1865) Thomaston, Connecticut

Jan 19, 2010 · These two “Plymouth” tambour mantel clocks made by Seth Thomas came into my shop just a couple of days apart

1932 - The Seth Thomas Division expanded its commercial line with items such as parking meters, range timers, and industrial devices

This Westminster chime, walnut and walnut veneered clock is in excellent condition with original finish, hands, pendulum and dial

Seth Thomas Clocks is stylish collection has an established reputation as one of the oldest Clock companies

If necessary shim one or two corners with cardboard (for a shelf or mantel clock), or move bottom of clock to left or right (for a wall clock)

(General  27 Jun 2017 Seth Thomas Antique Clocks have winding systems that control the functioning of the chime

The best example is the increasingly uncommon Seth Thomas "Sonora Chime

Its chime is pleasant but isnt a melody Jan 22, 2012 · The Plymouth Clock Company was actually formed in the early 1930's as a work around for the Seth Thomas Clock Company to dump low cost clocks on an already depressed market

I have a Daniel Dakota westminster chime that chimes only during daylight hours

5 W does not guarantee the working order of What an absolutely handsome RAntique Seth Thomas Label 295 Adamantine Black Green Marbled Mantel Shelf Clock no key, an estate sale find and must have! This area is not our expertise, the mechanism has not been professional cleaned being sold as is

This is a beautiful Adamantine black mantel clock made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company

Mantel clocks were popular in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries and many people have inherited these old chimers or purchased them from antique dealers

The reissue model was advertised in the “Mart” publication of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) and has been a popular clock ever since then

com Determine if your Seth Thomas mantel clock is a 7-day clock or an 8-day clock

for correct size measure your old one suspension springs for large time clocks 1 9/16 in l 5/8 w $25

Started in 1853, the Seth Thomas Clock Company manufactured many beautiful styles of mantle clocks

My Seth Thomas mantle clock chimes one too many chimes on the hour

A pioneer in 19th century mass production, the Thomas Clock Company is also known for long-case clocks as well as mantel, wall, and table-top clocks

He started in the clock business in 1807, working for clockmaker Eli Terry

There is acid in the oils of our fingers and this acid eats through the thin layer of lacquer when it comes in contact with brass


This auction is for a used VINTAGE Seth Thomas Clock Movement Parts - U

If you are unsure you should wind your clock every seven days

Navy dated 1942 it's serial number is 46181 It has been stamped on the inside backing of the clock just below the wind up spot with the following information USS THE SULLIVANS DD-357 any information about this would be greatly helpfull

westminster clock  25 Apr 2018 Smaller shelf clocks with 1-day (30-hour) wooden movements were produced in Ansonia, Waterbury, Seth Thomas, New Haven, Ingraham, Welch, and the maker's instructions or typically about every 3-4 years as needed,  I sold a 1899 Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock and I

Start the pendulum swinging by moving it approximately 1 inch (3 cm) to the left or right and releasing it

I chose this clock movement as an example because it is the most common movement that most repair shops will encounter

I was told in 2012 by a clock repair man in TX that it cost about $7

If your clock does not strike the correct number of times as indicated by the hour hand then use this procedure to correct it

Adamantine veneer was developed by the Celluloid Manufacturing Company of New York City, and was covered by U

This book is based on Clockmakers Newsletter, Published Monthly from 1987-2008

(BASED IN THE USA- MADE IN GERMANY!) Mantel Clock Bob - Seth Thomas 1-1/2" Description: Cast 1-1/2" diameter x 2

The seth thomas 124 must be checked at 12 and 1 o'clock because the hour snail will force against the rack and the snail will sometimes be moved when the clock runs down if the customer forces the hands ahead before the strike finishes lifting the rack

I know very little about the subject and would love your help

; Instructions for Setting and Winding the clock are still present inside the Hinged Back Door of Clock

There are a few things I need to do with this clock replace the crystal or glass and if you look at the Value of Seth Thomas Mantel Clocks

On most mantel clocks, you can simple remove the minute hand which is friction fit

Regulation on the Seth Thomas 124:turn the regulator to the left for slower and turn the regulator to the right to make the clock run faster

I have a Seth Thomas Clock from my Grandparents house that I am trying to get more info about

Seth Thomas mantel clocks, originally displayed on fireplace mantels, are shelf-top timepieces

Apr 16, 2018 · Smaller mantle clocks have predominantly eight-day movements, while larger pendulum clocks typically have 31-day movements

Set the time zone on your clock by pressing the button next to the appropriate time zone

I have a Seth Thomas 8 Day Mantel Clock, can you tell me the purpose of each of the key holes on the face of the clock and the correct way to turn them: top over 12 over #4 over #6 over #8 between #4 & 5 Any additional information that you might be able to provide, or a location of an operating manual would be helpful

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, are designed with thick brass plates and because of that they continue to run without regular oiling for a long time, even with excessive pivot hole wear

Seth Thomas Wall Clock Wood Frame For Parts Or Restoring - $350

For the most part the same steps will apply to almost any type of clock

Mantel clock movements from American Black Adamantine Style from Seth Thomas Ansonia Waterbury and Sessions October 2, 2014 October 24, 2014 spareclockparts Clock Pendulums for Antique and Vintage Kitchen School House Gingerbread Mantle Clocks My Great Aunt's Seth Thomas Mantle Clock It is a key wound mantle clock that chimes evey hour

this is a 8-day keywound clock with westminister strike and chime movement

for correct size measure your old one suspension springs $22

From mini quartz clock movements to large mechanical grandfather clock kits, we have the clock parts and supplies available for your projects

As the time goes by, the oil used in the mechanical clock movements solidifies and becomes dark and sticky

As you can see, this particular clock is number 3012 of 4,000

The instructions are wonderful as they were put on the inside of the back door

We engrave individual names, logos or commemorative information

I am still hesitant on winding  The strike synchronization instructions apply to count wheel striking, which is not self-synchronizing

Please do not just leave a message stating date needed before first checking this is possible Perhaps one of the most iconic clocks in the United States was produced by Seth Thomas -- the clock in the center of Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Specifically at the quarter hour it starts 2 tones into the normal Westminster chime sequence and plays the first two notes of the 1/2 hour, and so on all the way around

Turning the spindle clockwise will slow the clock down, counter-clockwise will speed the clock up

Order Hermle clock movements online now and get a free oiler with purchase! Seth Thomas Porcelain 10 inch Mantle Clock vgc

Covers American, European and Continental clocks of all types

there is a small round plate with looks like teeth on top of the balance Clocks > Antique Seth Thomas Clocks: The name Seth Thomas is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, as a result of the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813

By default, the pendulum will swing at an even pace when placed in the correct position

Radio-controlled clocks are clocks that set themselves according to a radio signal they 

The item “ANTIQUE LARGE SETH THOMAS MANTEL CLOCK” is in sale since Friday, May 8, 2020

To regulate your clock, hold the pendulum disc and turn the rating nut located under the disk to the left to make the clock run slower and to the right to make the clock run faster

Winding Up Your Wall and Mantel Clocks To wind up your wall or mantel clock, first locate the time spring hole

Jul 14, 2010 · I have a Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock

Thomas formed a clock-making partnership in Plymouth, Connecticut with Eli Terry and Silas Hoadley as Terry, Thomas & Hoadley

This Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock is dated June 1918 on the bottom of the case (date code 81F, where F represents the month, and 81 are the last two digits of the year reversed)

The Seth Thomas Clock Company was very prosperous into the 20th century and was considered to be one of the premiere American clock manufactures, even by their competitors

In this age of everything electronic it may surprise some people that a newly acquired mechanical clock bought at the local garage sale or antique store Jun 05, 2017 · Setting up your Antique mantle clock - Pocket full of time - 281-755-4377 - Duration: 9:48

This is so cool and old- fashioned instruction this guy is very laid-back he would be a  21 May 2009 He has over 25 mantle clocks and grandfather clocks

[citation needed] The company manufactured clock movements for the Self Winding Clock Company from 1886 thru the early 1890s, in addition to its standard offering of longcase clocks, mantel, wall, and table-top clocks

Finish is bright and shiny having only recently been exposed to human hands

Old Seth Thomas mantel clock in Two clocks that I'd love your help with please, One grandfather, one mantel

E531-000 This is a US Navy Seth Thomas Boat Clock they made them from 1938 to 1955 this one's from 1942 you unscrew a nob on the side to open it up to wind and set time and there is a start and stop device to stop the second hand like a hack watch

It has the high quality Hermle West German movment that has Westminster chimes

The Medbury was a popular model and was made for several decads

Most antique mechanical clocks with chimes have separate power sources for the chimes from the clock mechanism itself

The Seth Thomas clock is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, as a result of the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813

Date: May 24, 2013 04:11PM Seth Thomas mantel clock model # 1360

95 the Christopher Mantel clock looks better than the picture

Be sure that the clock will not shift on the wall when the door is opened

I also provide a set of General Clock Instructions that will answer about 95% of the questions that may arise  Vintage Seth Thomas Twin Spire Steeple Mantle Clock/Seth Thomas Mantle Clock/Seth Thomas Vintage Seth Thomas Clock Works with Instructions and Key

95 Cities Service Neon Clock 19" Double Neon Clock $154

Manufacture Dates of Seth Thomas Adamantine Antique Mantel Clocks

Not surprisingly, the earliest clocks, especially those actually made by Seth Thomas Wall Wooden - Laser Cut - Clock Kit

After winding the clock, set the correct time by moving the minute hand either clockwise or counterclockwise

119 | 11 Jewells | 6 Size Label Number 295 G Stamped steel rear door with the Seth Thomas trademark Bottom is marked N 25 Gold toned brass face with ornate pierced details Ornate Cast Scrolling floral themed feet with a copper toned finish Cast Lions Head handle on each side – Also finished in a copper toned Whatever your preference, Emperor Clock has the perfect table and mantel clocks for your home! Find one today and get free shipping within the lower U

It’s been very interesting learning things about this clock

This is a Seth Thomas Medbury 6W Westminster Chime Clock mantel clock made in 1953

Although the designs vary, usually clockwise will increase the speed and counterclockwise will slow the clock

The most effective way to wind your clock would be to open the front door, insert the crank, hold the clock steady with your left hand, and turn the crank with your right hand

The movement provides a guide to the date of an Adamantine clock

with either a lathe or with a plunge router with a series of set ups which we describe in the instruction booklet

First of all setting up your collectible antique mantel clock starts with where you decide to place it


To our knowledge, it is the first all-wood clock kit ever made that keeps perfect time! Some mantle clocks use a mechanism, which allows for adjustment from the front dial of the clock, using a small square keyed shaft located either just below the center of the dial (Seth Thomas) or at the 12:00 position on the dial

That is what I think constitutes real value in antique and vintage clocks

Estimate $500 - $1,000 Jan 1 Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock, Gold Flecks over Greenish-Brown Seth Thomas "World" Wall Regulator Made in 1911 Gilbert Model 379 Black Mantel Clock Made in 1915 Seth Thomas Table Clock 95076850M

Brass "89" movement has a four brass and one steel pillar

I wound it according to the instructions (and childhood memories) and when I set the time by moving the minute hand through each cycle and let it do its chime I find that it is not keeping time

Thank you Description: Exact copy of a Seth Thomas school clock bezel latch

This depicts the top of the movement, around the balance wheel and escapement

Apr 22, 2017 · These clocks have become known to collectors as “Black Mantel Clocks”, and were popular from 1880 to 1931

For the chimes of this clock to sound correct, you  Seth Thomas was born in Wolcott, Connecticut in 1785, the fifth of seven children of Scottish immigrant, James Thomas, a cooper, and his wife Maria Ward

At this time, Seth Thomas was a division of General Time, a Talley industries company

The clock runs for a few minutes or sometimes hours and stops, it loses about 3 min per hour and adjusting could only improve that to 1

When resetting the chimes, don't touch the hour hand because it moves on its own

89-L and marked as being b Seth Thomas Clock Company, Thomaston, Conn

The rich sounds that emanate from these battery operated mantel clocks, along with the brilliant looks and features they offer, make them a first choice for a mantel centerpiece

The dial and movement are simmilar to the ones used around 1915

Most clocks are engrave able and make excellent corporate or personal gifts

The item "Seth Thomas Vintage Woodbury Mantel Clock 1302 Westminster Chime Circa 1977" is in sale since Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Antique 1920 Seth Thomas Chime Adamantine 8Day Mantel Clock with Key COMPLETE REFURBISH! Works Great This was my personal Clock

Between 1865 and 1879 they operated a subsidiary firm known as Seth Thomas' Sons & Company that manufactured a higher-grade 15-day mantel clock movement and during that Seth Thomas 30-hour Cottage Clock with peaked top, c1868-1875

Though traditionally recognized for their excellent antique clocks, Seth Thomas' latest innovation, the autoset clock, is gaining favor due to its accurate time keeping and simple setting process

In Canada, Seth Thomas brand mantel, alarm, and wall clocks were made in the Westclox factory in Peterborough, Ontario from the early 1930s until the mid 1980s when the factory closed

The movement has been completely overhauled and is in excellent working condition

Below the clock face there is a round piece of glass … read more Antique Seth Thomas "Falsbury" Model Clock

Bought an antique seth thomas 3 hole mantle clock it does not chime

Additional high-resolution photos are available at LelandLittle

It appears to be a very dark walnut with gray/greenish highlights in the wood grain

The grandfather looks like a ridgeway kingsley but doesn't have glass all the way to the bottom

This key will fit your antique Seth Thomas mantle clock with #124 and #120 movements

Howard Miller Floor Clocks Howard Miller Mantle & Wall Clocks Ridgeway Floor Clocks Anniversary Clock Instructions Hermle Keywound Wall Clocks Sligh Wall and Mantle Clocks Sligh Grandfather Clocks Sligh Battery Clocks Hentschel Grandfather Clocks Ship's Bell Clocks - Hermle, Weems, Chelsea Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Clocks Among our top selling mantel clocks in this category are the Thomas Tompion Key Wound mantel clock, Cynthia Quartz mantel clock and the elegant Christopher Quartz mantel clock

On most models it will say right on the face of the clock which type it is

00 (15% off) This key will fit your antique Seth Thomas mantle clock with #124 and #120 movements

Your clock isnt in my Seth Thomas book but thats not unusual

Turn the Regulating spindle in very small increments (less than 1/16th of a turn) to adjust the timekeeping

Each gear shaft has two pivots, one at each end, that ride in a hole in each of the plates

5 ounces Seth Thomas cast lead pendulum bob with an antique gold finish

Enable thebutton In 1931 Seth Thomas Clocks became part of General Time Corporation, which owned Westclox

rectangular body on a base with a triangle on top (like the shape of a very simplistic house) separated by a ledge/trim piece

Find out what dealers and collectors have actually paid for antique grandfather, mantel or wall clocks like yours

Nov 19, 2017 · These instructions apply to keywind pendulum clocks that are time only, or that have hour strike, or hour and Mantel Clock Setup:

The company began making its distinctive clocks in 1813; you might be looking for one of these to collect or to tie the room together

Seth thomas spare original clock hands starburst restoration part track page views withauctiva's free counter

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The case has flat adamantine marble columns, metal lion heads and other ornaments

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Jun 07, 2016 · my seth thomas mantel clock has a balance wheel and is running fast it picks up about 30 minutes over night

Thanks to both of you, I will follow your instructions and do a lot of hoping and praying!!! Weight driven clock repair instructions and troubleshooting

Make an offer today! A vintage Seth Thomas Strathmore anniversary clock in wooden and clear glass case

It is commonly found in mantle clocks that the wrong pendulum bob has been put on the clock

This item is in the category “Collectibles\Clocks\Antique (Pre-1930)\Shelf, Mantel”

It has 6685X scratched into the wood inside the clock in front of the brass … Dec 09, 2018 · Invented in France, these clocks became very popular in the United States in the 19th century

Read More If you have a certain clock you would like to duplicate, please email some pictures to us of your idealistic clock and we can guide you through the clock parts needed

Intact instructions affixed to the inside of the back door identifies this model as a Woodbury made in 1977 The clock stands 8" tall x 17-1/2" wide x 5 deep (all measurements are approximate and given in inches)

00 The Seth Thomas 89 mechanism is one of the best mechanisms among the production-grade American clocks of that era, ca

They sell pieces made out of the best and most attractive materials

124 Seth Thomas even manufactured a version of this movement for Kroeber to use in his company's clocks

00 Wind Up Clock No 341020 And Clock Parts And Instructions - $199

Nov 29, 2013 · “American antique clocks such as Seth Thomas, Gilbert, New Haven, Kroeber, Waterbury, Ansonia, etc

To reset clock chimes, the owner must first use a level to make sure the clock is level

The Seth Thomas Clock Company was founded by Seth Thomas and began producing clocks in 1813

Antique mantel clocks have their own unique little personalities and you will slowly learn how often your antique mantel clock likes to be wound and how picky it is about where it is placed

Once removed, re-install the minute hand at the correct time

Guide to Selecting Seth Thomas Shelf Mantel Clocks Pre-1930 The Seth Thomas Clock Company manufactured compact wooden clocks that kept good time and could easily fit on a shelf or a fireplace mantel

Mantel Clocks (221 Products) Price: View All Howard Miller Antiqued Mantel Clock with Rustic Wooden Base - CHM4836

Use these tips to get an estimate of what an antique Seth Thomas mantel clock is worth

How do you set a seth thomas radio controlled clock - Answers

I was the first one to take it out of its original box (included, along with key, brass screws and instructions)

[see also the 1973 Medbury in this gallery] This example uses the American made Seth Thomas No

Seth Thomas, born 1785, was an amateur clockmaker who began his career in earnest when he moved to Plymouth, Connecticut, in 1807 and became an apprentice to renowned clockmaker Eli Terry

This is a very special clock of high quality and desirability

I do not have the original instructions for this clock so I hope to get a copy of them soon from the kindly folks on this forum who may have them

This key will not fit Seth Thomas clocks with German movements or Seth  29 Nov 2013 “American antique clocks such as Seth Thomas, Gilbert, New Haven, Hermle Clocks publishes a professional service manual and has  Plan 005 -- Tambour Mantle Clock This Seth Thomas clock design was modelled after the original Seth Thomas Office No

seth thomas adamantine mantle clock 1880's beautiful antique seth thomas adamantine mantle clock, 18" x 6 1/4" x 11", 6 column, lions heads to either end, dark-green marbleized and black, pat

directions on the inside door on the back of the clock I slightly wound it and perfect timing but it does not chime Mine keeps time but no chime

This Seth Thomas Clock Movement is made up of 2 brass plates with 2 springs and 12 gears in-between them

circa 1915 Eight-day Seth Thomas movement has the Seth Thomas maker's stamp on the brass plate

5 wall clock in an oak case with car Keywords:Dial / Gallery / Regulator / Seth Thomas / Wall

Model names shown in blue are linked to an image of that model

Because the Seth Thomas company made mantel clocks for almost 200 years, there is a lot of variation in the value of the clocks

While written specifically for Connecticut type spring driven clocks, portions are applicable to German and French clocks as well as American style Japanese clocks

Seth Thomas Mantle Clock- similar to mine which is dated 1893 E (May) SETH THOMAS LEGACY V CLOCK MANTLE SHELF CLOCK WITH KEY AND MANUAL Mantle Shelf,

Seth Thomas Ship's Bell Mantle Clock "Montauk" May 18

Enjoy and thanks again for sharing! christinal1963, 6 years ago Hi, We have a Seth Thomas mantel clock like this one! trying to figure out what year it was made

the clock was manufactured in 1978 by seth thomas thomaston, connecticut

We have what looks like an older Schatz Ships Bell mounted into a 27 Sep 2013 How to set up, wind and care for your antique mantle clock

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Mar 12, 2020 · How to Reset the Time and Resynchronize the Chimes on an Antique Mantel Clock

I just inherited my Dad's Seth Thomas Legacy 3W mantle clock

00 31: 32: 33 The movement in the clock appears to the appropriate and original 8-day Seth Thomas 4 1/2" version of their very reliable No

Simply install batteries and place clock near a wall orwindow where it can receive a radio station signal

1: #Vintage Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock Hinged Bezel 5 Stars: SHIPS LIGHTING LANTERNS NAVIGATION LAMPS BRASS by Land And Sea Collection™ Perkins Marine Combination Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock Dial and Bezel in Antique Condition July 18, 2014 October 24, 2014 spareclockparts Seth Thomas Mantle Clock Medbury 6w 8 Day Key Wound Westminster Chime Thomas was born in Wolcott, Connecticut in 1785

In … Book # 6 - Seth Thomas Clocks Covered in this book: Coverage of Popular Seth Thomas Movements Photos of Many Seth Thomas Clocks Specific Movement Repair Instructions Troubleshooting Assistance Mainspring & Weight Sizes

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This is the first of these kinds of clocks that I have owned, I have several pendulum clocks, Seth Thomas regulators mostly and a french Verdette

00 Get Started With Seth Thomas Clock Repair Times Ticking began in 1983 as a retail store and repair center for watches and clocks

Seth Thomas Triple Decker Mantle Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Seth Thomas mantle clock has a brass 8-day weight driven Keywords:Deck / Empire / Gallery / Mantle / Seth Thomas / Shelf

Seth Thomas wall clocks enjoy a history that began in 1810 when Seth Thomas bought Eli Terry's factory through today and the Alliance Time Company, which acquired the entire inventory in 2009

What can I May 05, 2013 · My mantle clock has suddenly stopped chiming

50 (30% off) Seth Thomas Clocks have been some of the best timepieces around for a pretty long while

Sold for: Translate description "Made in Germany for Seth Thomas"

Seth Thomas insisted all of their dealers adhere to strict selling and pricing agreements to protect their market shares

With its Arabic numeral dial, round shape and attractive LCD display this clock is sure to be a stunning decor piece

Items 1 - 53 of 53 All Seth Thomas mantle and wall clocks are repaired at our national service

I Seth Thomas Clocks have been some of the best timepieces around for a pretty long while

Seth Thomas Clock Company purchased the right to use the Adamantine veneer in 1881

As the longest established clock maker in the United States (nearly 200 years), Seth Thomas is recognized as one of the most respected brands of clocks in the world

In regards to the Morbier, do you think that I should take it in for service or is there something that I can do to service it my self

Founded in Connecticut in 1813, the company produced a variety of large and small mechanical clocks throughout the 19th century

VINTAGE NAVY & MARITIME SHIPS CLOCKS by Land And Sea Collection™, Chelsea, Seth Thomas: #Hamilton 22 Gimbaled Deck Clock & Case: #Seth Thomas WW II US Navy Deck Clock No

Turn the minute hand clockwise to “6” and if “12” is passed, stop and let the clock strike

This clock strikes the hour and half-hour on a cathedral gong

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1,328 Antique Seth Thomas Clocks: Color Photos and Descriptions The following is a list of most of the clock models produced by Seth Thomas

Thomas, great-grandson of the original founder of The Seth Thomas Clock Company was the first Chairman of the Board of General Time Corporation until his death in 1932

i have checked this clock at least 20 or 30 times and cannot find anything where i can set the slow or fast there is no screw to turn or anything as i can see

I inherited a Seth Thomas mantel clock but the chimes play "out of order"

(After 1956, Seth Thomas imported Hermle chime movements from Germany